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Hawyia is a branding specialist that is dedicated and experienced in creating completely Arabized logo design that reflects Arabic influences blended in modern and unique designs. Since Hawyia’s launching in 2005, it has created over 100 logos branding major companies and government organization in Dubai. Hawyia, which means “identity” in English, envisions helping client find the most effective logo design to represent their company in the global market.

Logo Design

Logo Design This section is specialized in designing logos. Hawyia guarantee to provide the best logo designs in the market with exclusive symbols and designs.
Corporate Identity
corporate identity Corporate Identity is all what you need to brand your establishment. It can take your business high and help to maintain a sustainable growth for your establishment. With corporate identity, you can reach your target market and expand your brand name in the best ways.
Calligraphy Calligraphy is the Art of writing! Its preferred by many clients as our creative designers features different stylish fonts to incorporate their company name.